A short list of Toronto small businesses that I have had the pleasure of wor..
Cover design, for a fall 2010 Harlequin Non-Fiction title, about helping par..
How do you communicate happy, and serious at the same time. Speaking to wome..
A book to celebrate and guide women through the second half of their lives. ..
During my time at applied arts magazine I worked on a number of projects oth..
A collection of designs based on nautical and native imagery for the Ojibway..
Projects that I have been a part of their final execution/production over th..
The Ape on Pape, is a short run children’s story book by Michael Moss,..
Nicolas Billon a Canadian writer for stage and TV was in need of a new look ..
A postcard series designed for Hudson’s Bay Company, based on archival..
A sample of the 18 poster series developed with archival materials to commem..
I joined the team at Applied Arts Magazine on a contract basis in May 2006. ..
A Logo developed to accompany existing cartoon styled logos for the Clean Ai..
Responsible for a combination of design, execution and pre-press of collater..
A Corporate capabilities brochure designed for Toronto based PR Firm LH Metr..
How do you sell board and not be boring? This campaign centered on the conce..
I was responsible for the development of the word mark for Toronto based rea..
I designed and illustrated this outer wrapper (envelope) for a co-branded fo..
A proposed revamp of the classic traveller guide book series. The redesign i..
OCAD 2006 Thesis project — Corporate rebranding program proposal for Whole..
A proposed re-branding for Neenah Papers “Environment” line of e..
Under Human Power (UHP) was conceived as a the promotional counterpart to th..
A proposed identity for a fictitious video production company. Simple and cl..