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Scotiabank GTB – Country Profiles: Brazil

Redesigned and executed country profile brochures for the Global Transaction Banking division of Scotiabank, based on new branding look and direction. As part of the the redesign I took the liberty of re-imagining how some of the statistical information was being presented and made the piece more graphical and inviting, while still adhering to the Corporate Brand Standards. Other tasks involved with this redesign including researching in conjunction with the writer new stock photography of the piece. The Brazil edition is the first in the series and English and Portuguese versions were completed in the fall of 2013.

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Work in the Theatre

Over the years I have worked on a few logos and collateral for Stage productions, here are a few. Greenland: SummerWorks Festival 2009 Identity (consisting of Logo and promotional materials) developed for Nicolas Billon’s SummerWorks Festival presentation — Greenland.   The Scilian: Toronto Fringe Festival 2009 Designed and developed the identity for the Nicolas Billon, adaptation of Molière’s The Scillian. Collateral included: Ads, Posters, Post Cards and Programs. Illustration by Alexandra Iorgu   Khalida: SummerWorks Festival 2008 Identity and collateral developed for the 2008 inaugural presentation of Khalida. The story of one man’s war shattered life. Khalida a play by David Fancy, directed by Alexandra Seay, presented by Theatre Theatrical, featuring Jason Jazrawy Winner of the 2008 Enbridge Emerging Canadian playRites Award! A bold new work that combines a poetic narrative and striking physicality to chronicle one man’s flight from a war-torn homeland. Khalida is a timely and compelling tale of […]

The Happy Stepmother

How do you communicate happy, and serious at the same time. Speaking to women who find themselves in the sticky predicament of being a stepmom, that was the challenge. After many many concepts and approvals this type only treatment made the grade. (Click on image(s) for a larger view) Image copyright—Harlequin Enterprises.

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Nicolas Billon – Writer

Nicolas Billon – Writer   Nicolas Billon a Canadian writer for stage and TV was in need of a new look for his personal stationery and website. In a brainstorming session we picked the concept of thought bubbles or word bubbles. These were given life by illustrator Alexandra Iorgu and then digitized and re-combined with type to become the final identity for Nicolas Billon.

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Applied Arts Magazine 2006-2007 Issues

I joined the team at Applied Arts Magazine on a contract basis in May 2006. Working with Founder/Art Director Georges Haroutin I designed and produced layouts for the Photography/Illustration, Student, Design/Advertising and Interactive Awards Annuals, as well as regular issues and other special promotions projects, including the 2007 subscriber calendar, 2007 Creative Resources Directory, Westside Studios promotional booklet and my favourite, the subscription cards (see below). The challenge, how do you communicate to an audience that is constantly bombarded with visuals and marketing, solution appeal to their inner-child and penchant for collecting quirky and unique items.

Switch The Stat

A Logo developed to accompany existing cartoon styled logos for the Clean Air Foundation’s environmental initiatives. The program was developed to encourage home owners to replace old style mercury based thermostat units safely with new digital thermostats.